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Several major reasons for the choice of thermal insulation cotton
  Published: 2015/8/13
Cotton insulation, as the name suggests, is used to warm the certain objects. This kind of material is by a relatively high purity of chamotte, silica powder, alumina powder and chromium quartz sand raw materials, after the industrial furnace melt become fluid, after compressed air spray for fibrous, using a set of cotton is set for the cotton like, we usually use cotton insulation. That the products have what advantage it is worth buying?
1. The product has a number of adiabatic effect, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is very low, and the use of completely closed cell structure, complete with water vapor isolation.
2 do not absorb water, it will not condense, long service life.
3 the thickness of the insulation cotton, compared with other heat preservation material is relatively thin, the insulation effect is better than the other.
4 appearance, installation is simple, practical, applicable scope is more extensive.
5 the product is very good sound insulation, corrosion resistance, is a real non-toxic, harmless, non polluting insulation materials.

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