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What harm does the quality of thermal insulation material produce?
  Published: 2015/8/13
Up to less than the standard, the quality is not qualified to heat insulation products harm seriously, these hazards are summarized in the following 5 aspects:
One, when the use of substandard products, to carry out the construction of the time, will affect the construction progress.
Two, if the use of substandard insulation materials, quality will not be guaranteed.
Three, the failure of the thermal insulation material strength is very poor, in the role of external force is easy to cause cracking phenomenon, affect the product's insulation effect.
Four, the use of substandard insulation products, in the case of special circumstances (such as: fire) under the flammable, and will produce toxic gases.
Five, the use of substandard insulation products is short, energy-saving insulation effect is not good, affect the structure of the building to shorten its service life.
In Shandong Shouguang fire, for example, Shouguang fire caused by 18 people were killed and 13 people were injured, according to the survey, Shouguang fire fire is in the cold storage room, cold storage around the inside of the, including operating between the top, all of the use of polyurethane thermal insulation layer, and the heat insulation layer thickness reached about 10 cm. Polyurethane itself is a flammable insulation material, burning after the rolling black smoke, and a large number of gas, plus the accident occurred, the staff to clear the negative results of the tragic. The main reason for the accident is the use of substandard polyurethane insulation materials, qualified polyurethane insulation materials should be added, in the case of normal construction will not burn up.

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