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Introduction of glass wool
  Published: 2015/8/13
1. Some military farming as a cinema on the walls are joined by several layers of glass wool felt as the sound insulation material, the fact that very significant, which is in fact a lot of inspiration is provided with sound insulation of building to use this material.
2: Xin Chong glass cotton which is a soft glass fiber to add some calcium carbonate material after processing to form a sound insulation, heat preservation material, in the construction and preservation of goods has a lot of applications.
3 some of the packaging with the paper and foam materials should be replaced as soon as the glass cotton material, so that the load of more security, security.
4 we usually see the plastic foam material has a lot of process defects, such as in the high temperature and the extrusion of the deformation and other gas distribution. And if you use glass cotton felt, these things can be very good to avoid.

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  • Add: No. 2021 Cuifang Street, Fangzi District, Weifang City, Shandong, China
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