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Heat preservation and selection method of glass wool felt
  Published: 2015/8/13
There are a lot of properties of glass wool felt, waterproof, fireproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock absorption...... These are the excellent properties of glass wool felt, the author believes that the most important in their properties is the insulation performance, which is also the use of glass wool felt, the following I will introduce several aspects.
The use of the most of the steel structure heat preservation, it is often said that the glass of the glass, and fill a single heat preservation performance is good, but there is a good sound insulation effect, the cost is very low, and there is no pollution, very environmentally friendly. Next is the wall heat preservation, which is a few years before the rise of the technology, in the composite materials, the addition of glass fiber mat can be very good to increase its insulation performance. The third point is the pipeline insulation, which is also very wide, we see the oil and chemical pipelines have a layer of glass wool felt, not only can heat preservation, but also can be moisture! It is the most appropriate to use the heat insulation performance of the wind pipe, glass cotton blanket after curing can be very good resistance to high temperature, corrosion resistance, and light weight, but also to prevent the noise, the use of air conditioning is very common.
The use of glass wool felt is still a lot of, I just give a few more typical uses, such as its excellent shock absorption effect in the shock absorber is very effective.
We in life will be because of the construction or other purposes to build a number of temporary residence, glass cotton felt as a low price, quality and lightweight materials is a relatively good choice. In order to buy their own perception of affordable glass wool felt, I to the identity of the inspectors to tell you in to buy glass wool felt the time to master the skills:
1, slag ball. Pay attention to the thickness of the glass wool felt, the average 2 cm above and the texture of the slag ball is to buy glass wool felt when the factors that must be viewed, which relates to the overall quality of glass wool felt, sound insulation effect, anti water ability has a relatively good estimate.
2, glue quantity. You can use your hands to feel the surface of the solid, so that the pressure to ensure that the extent of its quality and the quality of the plastic can afford to build a house or other uses when the external stress.
3, size. This index mainly refers to the thickness, we can choose according to their own needs, general specifications are: 800mm, 600mm, 400mm three.
Through these aspects of knowledge, I believe that can help you to buy a glass cotton blanket

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