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Application of heat preservation material, such as glass wool felt
  Published: 2015/8/13
Insulation materials on the roof of the use of foreign civil building roof generally use the spire is more, in spire loft space immediately below the roof is fitted for the air circulation channel. It can not only solve the air circulation, and can play a certain role of thermal insulation. Also in the ceiling above, generally laying glass wool or mineral wool mats, cushion, or in the space directly into the loose cotton insulation, some directly hoisting by glass from wool or rock wool insulation materials and decorative veneer composite and the ceiling.
In the south of the house, with the heat insulation is also very common. In recent years, the rapid development of the slope roof, roof insulation layer arranged for. An insulating layer is arranged can along the crest of a hill in the nail shop glass wool or rock cotton felt, also can be in the ceiling laying insulation material can also be sprayed, blowing or direct laying glass wool, rock wool, expansion perlite loose material as roofing insulation layer. External insulation material has a rock (mine) cotton, glass wool felt, polystyrene foam board, ceramic concrete composite polystyrene imitation stone decorative insulation board, steel wire mesh panels, etc.. Because of its excellent physical properties and low cost, the polystyrene board has been widely used in external wall thermal insulation technology in the world. The plug-in technology is the use of adhesive mortar or special fixed pieces will heat preservation material paste, hanging on the wall, and then wipe the crack resistant mortar, pressed into the glass fiber mesh cloth to form a protective layer, and finally to do the decoration surface. Another approach is to use a dedicated fixed parts, will not be easy to absorb a variety of insulation board fixed on the outer wall, and then the aluminum, natural stone, color glass and other plug in the pre production of the keel, a direct form of decorative surface. This kind of external thermal insulation installation is time-consuming, the construction is difficult, and the construction takes up the dominant period, which can be carried out after the main body is finished. In the high-rise construction, the construction personnel's security is not easy to be guaranteed.
There are two main points of energy saving measures, one is that the roof insulation layer is not suitable for the selection of heat preservation material with high density and high thermal conductivity. If the selection of the high water absorption of heat preservation material, the roof should be set up the exhaust hole, in order to exclude the insulation layer is not easy to discharge the water.

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